2022 Assessments Fair

  • September 13, 2022
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


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The Event

This is our annual Assessment Fair that highlights 3 “must know” assessments for coaches.

The presentations are being given by coaches that use the assessments in their everyday practice. This year we will be looking at, Eqi2.0, Positive Intelligence and Coaching with ​LEGO® SeriousPlay®

All 3 of these tools help a coach bring self awareness to their clients

Purpose: Assessments are one of the primary tools for a coach to bring self awareness to their clients. This program will have coaches understand 3 assessments they probably never worked with before and how they may use them in the future.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about 3 new assessments
  • Engage and ask questions of a coach who uses a specific assessment for their own practice
  • Keep abreast of the latest assessment tools that are available

Meet our presenters

Lisa Pachence MCC

Lisa is an Executive Life and Leadership Coach to underfulfilled, high-performers – Coaches, Execs, and Entrepreneurs who have big hearts, big ambitions, and big overwhelm. Lisa brings deep insights, practical tactics, and masterful partnership to enact truly sustainable transformative life and business changes. She is a Master Certified Coach (MCC), ICF Mentor Coach, Speaker, Author in “Success in Any Season”, and founder of LP Coaching and Consulting, which offers designer coaching to clients such as Google execs, start-up founders, entrepreneurs, and many more. In addition to 1v1 coaching, Lisa offers group coaching programs including Down to Business Bootcamp for trained coaches, and The Elite Entrepreneur for service-based business owners. She’s been featured on “This is It TV” and “The College Success Professor”, and has contributed to internationally acclaimed podcasts and websites such as Live Boldly, The Dreammason Podcast, HumanCare Podcast, Opulent Events, Noomii, and more. When she isn’t leading a coach-training program, deep-diving with clients, or teaching a workshop, she’s traveling the world with her husband (pre-2020), chasing her two cats, or hosting community connection & vino hours.

WEBSITE - https://www.coachingwithlp.com/

Rahti Gorfien PCC

For twenty years, Rahti Gorfien has coached independent creative professionals, such as actors, writers, artists, filmmakers, and tech developers, who are scattered and overwhelmed. She helps her clients break the cycle of isolation, irregular income and irregular hours by taking a more structured and entrepreneurial approach to their careers based on their unique strengths and neurological makeup.

As a professionally certified career and ADHD coach (ACCG) Rahti has been recognized three times by Expertise.com as one of the 15 Best Life Coaches in NYC. She is a Career Specialty Services Provider (CSS) Member ICF, IAC. Speaking Appearances include The Freelancer's Union, Sarah Lawrence MFA Writing Program, Momasphere, The Actors Center, Park Slope Parents, New York Media Center. Her career in theater spanned 30 years as an actress, playwright and standup comedian. Rahti's podcast 'Radio Rahti' was featured on Radio Free Brooklyn and as a playwright, her play When It Rains, was sited by Backstage as one of the best plays of 2004 in their end-of-year round-up. Her upcoming book The Five Emotions That Stop Success: Shame, Envy, Grandiosity, Boredom and Fear has been acquired by Routledge Press, Taylor & Francis division.

Paul Sanbar PCC

An Ingenuity + Executive Coach, coaching supervisor, and hands-on visual thinking facilitator, Paul Sanbar's life and career has been dedicated to the field of self-development and to effecting positive change through purposeful play, storytelling, and powerful conversations initially as a psychotherapist and now as an ICF accredited coach and certified coaching supervisor. A certified LEGO® Serious Play® methods coach and member of the MURAL Consultant Network, Paul coaches and supports individuals, groups, and teams to think and reflect not only with words but also with their eyes and hands, putting their imagination to work in both tactile and technological ways.


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