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Committee: Professional Development/Special Events

What we do: We provide opportunities for learning and development for our area coaches, organize professional development programs, in-person and webinars, and offer opportunities to earn CCEUs. We also encourage networking and professional community building. Project management and execution of larger chapter events that are not part of the monthly professional development program. Special events include: Team coaching in organizations, Coach Salon, Summer Social, Holiday party, etc.

Why this is important: to grow and support our professional coaching community, build opportunities to enhance the depth and knowledge of our members, as well as provide a strong area network for coaches to help each other’s growth. These events provide the community with large scale programs that meet the needs of coaching professionals and educate the community on the value of coaching.

How can you help:

  • Identify topics of interest to help plan programs.
  • Identify suitable speakers for a determined set of programs.
  • Coordinate logistics for specific programs (speaker materials, agenda, content flow, equipment, etc.) to appeal to varied member interests.
  • Select a role of interest; participate in PD committee calls as appropriate. Estimated volunteer hours per month: 2-4 hours.
  • Research and secure event spaces.
  • Source food and beverages, where needed.
  • Support registration table to check in guests.
  • Miscellaneous tasks as needed for each event.

Contact: Sue Negrey: sue@coach2achieve.co  Susan Ginsberg O’Sullivan: susan@go-coaching.net

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