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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice and Belonging (DEIJB)

What we do:

As DEIJB committee members, our work encompasses various initiatives to promote diversity, including meetups, webinars, pro-bono programs, and more. This includes planning, developing, and managing a DEIJB roadmap to promote diversity at ICF NYC.

Our work will aim to purposefully create a more diverse ICF NYC community. We will look to create and/or deepen our external partnerships wherever possible and generate an awareness of the opportunities that coaching and other services provide for communities beyond our typical ‘catchment’ communities. Let’s make this happen! Some of our specific tasks will include:

Facilitating development of a chapter DEIJB mission and vision statement that aligns with the values, purpose and goals of ICF NYC.

Leading development of an anti-discriminatory statement to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice that is in accordance with any applicable federal, state or local regulations.

Support development of goals and metrics, both quantitative and qualitative, to measure, monitor, and report ICF NYC’s DEIJB efforts.

Collaborate with other volunteer committees, e.g., professional development, community impact, marketing and communications, membership engagement, and sponsorships and partnerships, to enhance their initiatives and provide a perspective of how chapter initiatives can reinforce our DEIJB commitments.

Why this is important:

This new committee will play an important role in defining and promoting diversity at ICF NYC, and to realize ICF’s DEIJB vision and goals as outlined.

How you can help:

Help define and build ICF NYC’s diversity work

Help execute on our various DEIJB initiatives

Communicate the value of and raise awareness for DEIJB at the ICF, the ICF NYC Chapter, and the various programs, offerings, initiatives, activities, and events available to our members

Our committee proactively welcomes your energy and involvement!


Madjdy Kassem, Director of DEIJB 

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