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Committee: Membership

What we do: Support sustained growth of ICF NYC Chapter membership and drive member engagement.

Why this is important: To ensure the continued growth of our Chapter while reinvigorating members and reminding them why they made the decision to join ICF in the first place. In communicating with our Chapter about the value and benefits of ICF Membership, we reinforce the fact that ICF Members represent the highest quality of professional coaching. Members are the lifeblood of our organization; without them we cease to be meaningful. So, it is vital to keep members engaged and make it worth their time and energy to be involved. By joining the Membership Renewal Committee, you can play a vital role in communicating the value of ICF to our members, helping to ensure renewal, answer questions, and to raise awareness of ICF as leading advancement of the highest quality of coaching.

How you can help:

  • Join the membership committee and become a chapter ambassador to our members.
  • Support the annual membership renewal “blitz” through e-mail, social media and personal outreach.
  • Write letters, make member calls

Contact Amy Bloustine: president.icfnyc@gmail.com 

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