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Grow Your Coaching Toolkit - Spring 2022

  • June 21, 2022
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


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Grow Your Coaching Toolkit - Spring 2022

Join us to discover new coaching tools - a fantastic way to re-energize your coaching and develop your skills further!

Summary Details

When: June, 21 2022, 7:00 PM - 8:30PM

Format:  Virtual Zoom Meeting, cameras will be enabled

CCEUs1.5  (.5 Core, 1 Resource)

Who is this event for: All level coaches – From newer coaches looking to expand their skills to seasoned coaches looking to grow their coaching toolkit!

The Event

In this peer resource exchange, four coaches will share one tool or resource they use with their clients regularly and, when possible, they will demonstrate how to use the tool live. You will also have the opportunity to reflect and discuss how you might bring those tools into your own coaching practice while connecting with fellow coaches.

The presentations will focus on:

  “I come from” Poems- Liah Rozenman

The goal of this tool is to allow the client/s to express their identity through a simple poetic structure which cultivates self & other knowing. In a group setting, it functions to establish individuation (helps to challenge bias and stereotyping) and to build connection, creativity and cohesion. This tool can be used individually or in groups.

The Personal 360 Review - Vanessa Hagerbaumer

You may already be familiar with a workplace 360 Performance Review — a talent development tool to provide the recipient performance feedback from colleagues "360 degrees" in the org chart. Unlike the workplace tool, the Personal 360 has an adaptable questionnaire and can be sent to anyone in the client's life who has a valuable perspective. The feedback gathered by the tool deepens the client's self-knowledge and highlights areas of opportunity within the coaching focus.

Vanessa will share the Personal 360 Review template she uses with her 1:1 clients and group programs. Together we'll brainstorm how you can repurpose the tool for your own coaching niche.

The Appreciative Inquiry Model - Laryssa Kundanmal

Laryssa will share the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) model, an approach to organizational change that focuses on identifying, elevating and expanding what is already working rather than looking at deficits to try to correct them. Her presentation will cover the 5 core principles of this approach and outline the 5-D cycle of the AI process: Define, Discovery, Dream, Design and Delivery. You will learn how the AI process uses the power of inquiry and imagination to drive systems-based, positive behavior change.

The Oceanic Deep Dive - Matylda Czarnecka

Get ready to dive below the surface to discover the mysteries of going deep in coaching. This tool uses personified sea creatures to unlock clients' own inner resources and answers, while bypassing stories. This playful and often powerful group coaching tool is ideally used in the midpoint or later in a group engagement. 

Please contact Matylda Czarnecka for permissions and details before using this exercise outside of your own private groups.

Note to attendees on tool use and permissions: Tools are presented to give inspiration and new ideas for how you can engage creatively with your clients.  These events are an opportunity for peers to learn from each other. The tools shared are a mix of the presenters’ own creation and tools developed by others. Each presenter will share what is permissible as far as re-use and any copyright and citation requirements that must be noted if used by others, in accordance with the ICF Code of Ethics.

Meet our speakers

Vanessa Hagerbaumber 

V & CO Coaching & Consulting LLC

Principal and Founder




Vanessa is the founder and head coach at V & CO Coaching & Consulting LLC, a facilitator, and event expert.

She is a Certified Authentic Leadership Coach and holds an ACC certification from the International Coaching Federation. Her background includes event design and experiential marketing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and WeWork.

Vanessa cares about getting practical self-empowerment tools into the hands and hearts of current and future leaders. She believes that #beingyourself is key to solving common career blockers such as self-criticism, overdrive, and imposter syndrome.

She lives with her husband in the best neighborhood in the world: Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Liah Rozenman

Liah Rozenman Coaching

Principal and Founder



Liah Rozenman PCC, RDT, LCAT is an ICF credentialed Transformational Life Coach and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor dedicated to empowering individuals to pursue their passions and to thrive. With a background in creative arts psychotherapy and drama therapy treating eating and mood disorders, Liah creates a coaching experience characterized by compassion, collaboration and creativity. 


As a holistic, non-diet coach, her practice is particularly appropriate for girls and women longing to become intuitive eaters and to embrace movement for well-being and body respect. Liah is a HAES (Health At Every Size) helping professional committed to promoting safety, respect and access to health care services for people of all shapes and sizes. 


Laryssa Kundanmal

Pivot Point Consulting

Principal and Founder


Laryssa is a Gallup-certified Global Strengths Coach, executive leadership coach and positive psychology practitioner who applies her training to help individuals, teams and organizations realize positive behavior change. She recently received her master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, researching how storytelling interventions can promote connection, belonging and psychological safety at work.


A former marketing executive and corporate strategist, Laryssa has an MBA from Emory University and BA from George Washington University, both in marketing.


Matylda Czarnecka

Matylda Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coach

Matylda equips leaders and professionals with the strategies, tools, and mindset to reach the next level of growth and to gain clarity on what’s next and how to get there faster. Her coaching, informed by neuroscience and positive psychology, draws on research on how the brain can change and what it takes to create new habits and states of being. Her clients range from seasoned professionals to new leaders and entrepreneurs, as well as teams and groups.




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