• May 20, 2020
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


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Join us to discover new coaching tools - a fantastic way to re-energize your coaching and develop your skills further!

Summary Details

When: May 20, 2020, 7:00 PM - 8:30PM

Format:  Virtual 


Who is this event for:Coaches -- newer coaches looking to expand their skills or any members looking to learn from their peers and interact with members in an evening of learning 

The Event

In this peer resource exchange, four coaches will share one tool or resource they use with their clients regularly and, when possible, they will demonstrate how to use the tool live. You will also have the opportunity to reflect and discuss how you might bring those tools into your own coaching practice while connecting with fellow coaches.

The presentations will focus on:

A.L.I.V.E Framework - Michael Palumbo

Michael will share the A.L.I.V.E. framework he developed to help facilitate safe conversations around differences and to promote mutual understanding and respect.  Michael’s presentation will include hands-on practice and a one-page guide to use the skills immediately.

7 Levels of Energy Framework - Bob Russo

Bob will introduce the 7 Levels of Energy Framework that compromise iPEC’s Energy Leadership Index, and which can support your client in showing how to be an inspirational leader. 

Coaching with LEGOS - Adam Mirabella

Everyone knows and is fond of LEGOS but did you know that you can use this creative medium for executive coaching?  In this session Adam will outline how to use LEGOS for a 1 hour group / team training session that helps people visualize their goals!

Thinking Path Model - Greta Cowan

Developed by Alexander Caillet, Georgetown Leadership Coaching Program Faculty and CEO of Corentus, the Thinking Path model helps you chart a client's current, negative, often sabotaging thought habit and then helps them craft an aspirational, positive Thinking Path that gets them better results.

Note to attendees on tool use and permissions: Tools are presented to give inspiration and new ideas for how you can engage creatively with your clients.  These events are an opportunity for ICF NYC members to learn from each other. The tools shared are a mix of the presenters’ own creation and tools developed by others. Each presenter will share what is permissible as far as re-use and any copyright and citation requirements that must be noted if used by others, in accordance with the ICF Code of Ethics. 

Meet our speakers

Michael Palumbo 

Michael Palumbo Coaching & Consulting 



Michael brings heart and soul to leadership in the professional world. He coaches rising leaders and executives who want the confidence, courage and presence to become influential leaders and advance their careers.

Bob Russo 

Executive Game Changers

Owner and Principal


Bob is an advisor, consultant and coach. He coaches highly successful people to live their most outrageous dreams. He leverages 33 years of corporate and executive experience. M.A.Psychology and Counseling, ICF ACC.

Adam Mirabella

Mirabella Leadership Advisors



Adam is an Executive Coach who works with senior executives and "up and comers" in tech and entertainment companies.  He also works with owners of small businesses and start-ups.

Greta Cowan
GRC Coaching
Leadership Coach


Since 1999, Greta has coached clients on The Four P's: connect with passion, lead with principles, find clarity of purpose, and leverage their full, authentic leadership presence. She helps leaders and teams make their vision of the future tangible and possible.

Greta is an ICF PCC leadership coach who has worked nationwide and abroad with a wide variety of executives from both the corporate and non-profit sectors. From companies such as American Express, Capital One, Novartis and Time Warner to non-profit organizations like The American Red Cross, Acumen Fund, and the National Cancer Institute. She brings humor, compassion, honesty, and rigor to her approach to coaching, helping leaders become more inspired and inspirational.

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