Positive Psychology in Coaching: Strengths-Based Coaching Practices

  • February 25, 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
  • Webinar


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Focusing on strengths allows us to tap into an individual’s potential and enhance their sense of purpose and feelings of satisfaction, both at work and personally. Join us to learn how to support your clients through strengths-based coaching practices.

When:  February 25, 2020 12:00 PM - 1:15PM 

Speaker:  Kayla LeLeux-LaBarge, Psy,D and Alyson Goldstein, M.Ed, MA

Format:  Webinar

CCEUs: 0.75 CC, 0.5 RD

Who is this event for: Everyone! From new coaches to seasoned MCCs! 

The event 

The Positive Psychology movement has swept through the mental health and coaching fields providing a new and innovative model that looks at human behavior through the lens of strengths, as opposed to deficits. Focusing on strengths allows us to tap into an individual’s potential and enhance their sense of purpose and feelings of satisfaction, both at work and personally. These powerful outcomes are attained by using evidence-based techniques and tools, such as identifying character strengths, being intentional about activating them, and being able to spot and develop them in yourself and others. 

The even cooler thing is that these techniques are linked to various positive chemical changes in the brain! When you get intentional about activating strengths in yourself and others, your brain releases chemicals that act as a healing agent to your brain and your body. The overall goals of using strengths-based techniques in coaching are to help the individual you are working with reach a place of greater self-understanding, hope and optimism, and ultimately, to initiate behaviors that allow for flourishing in their daily lives. 

This experiential workshop is designed by Dr. Kayla LeLeux-LaBarge, business psychologist and executive coach at Equilibria Leadership Consulting. It will include the following takeaways: 

    Brief overview of the history of Positive Psychology

    Understand the benefits of using strength-based models in coaching

    Use of strengths-based assessment tools

    Use of several strengths-based coaching techniques

    Building strength-based teams and cultures

    Resources for furthering individual knowledge and use of skills

Meet our speakers

Dr. Kayla LeLeux-LaBarge, Psy.D
Equilibria Leadership Consulting
Business Psychologist and Senior Consultant

Website: http://www.equilibrialeadership.com       http://www.youngleaderproject.com 


Kayla has also been involved in the creation and is the co-creator of the new ed-tech start-up, Young Leader Project and has played a key role in helping to develop its business model, managing project operations, securing funding, and coordinating research to achieve data-driven outcomes and attract investors. 

She is also a highly skilled executive coach. Her background as a clinical psychologist, trained in cognitive-behavioral models, multicultural, and human dynamics, allows her to quickly initiate deep-rooted behavioral changes within individuals and organizations, that last! Kayla has been successful working with individuals and teams at all professional levels and across industry in helping to bolster leadership skills, ability to effectively manage, and building positive workplace cultures. She also has a strong research and assessment background, with peer-reviewed articles and publications in the fields of resilience, positive psychology, clinical outcomes, and stress-related challenges. 

Kayla is also a charismatic speaker and group facilitator. She has delivered seminars on topics including professional authenticity, creating employee-centered environments that thrive, ways to bring humanity into data-driven industries, managing workplace stress, and building core leadership skills. She has a strong program development background and has been praised by executives for her ability to intuitively identify areas of development and adapt creative individualized solutions and strategies to fit the needs of the team and organization.

Alyson Goldstein, M.Ed, MA, is an executive coach at Equilibria Leadership Consulting. She is currently completing her doctoral rotation, and is expected to graduate in May with a doctorate in clinical psychology (PsyD) and an MBA from Widener University.

People performance is the foundation of her training and work experience as a clinical psychologist, executive coach and consultant, and educator. She has experience with effectively motivating, facilitating, and empowering sustainable change in individuals and groups. She has the tools and experience to conduct thorough evaluations and assessments of individual potential and team dynamics. She values data-driven interventions that generate informed, streamlined, and effective facilitation of developmental change, training interventions, and leadership development.

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