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Gina Martin

Gina Martin Coaching


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Gina Martin Coaching
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April 14, 2023
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  • Executive
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Gina Martin is an Executive Leadership and High-Performance Coach, Mental Fitness Advocate, Entrepreneur, Mother, and Breast Cancer survivor.

Gina’s Self-Leadership journey started when she became a single mother and immigrated to the US before turning 18.

As an entrepreneur, she built two direct sales businesses where she drove record personal and team sales and received national recognition and multiple awards.

Her passion for sales, love for people, and personal development led her to start her Retail Leadership journey. She trained, promoted, and impacted hundreds of individuals over a twenty-year career.

She has led cross-functional teams of up to 600 people for prestigious brands such as Victoria's Secret, GUESS, Inc., and Gap. She is the founder of Gina Martin Coaching.

Her mission as an Executive Leadership Coach & High-Performance Coach is to help her clients discover and develop their self-leadership skills, unlock what's keeping them from achieving the success they desire, and inspire them to take massive action toward creating the lifestyle they've always dreamed of and deserve.

As Director of the Membership Engagement Committee, Gina is committed to welcoming and supporting all members, maximizing their experience in the chapter, and enabling and facilitating opportunities for networking, collaboration, and comradery among all members.

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