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Francophone Coach Café

  • July 25, 2024
  • 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Virtual - Zoom Video Conference (Cameras Enabled) Sessions Will Not Be Recorded



Join us for a Networking Virtual Coffee Chat for Coaches fluent in French or bilingual, where we can come together, share experiences, and build connections in a relaxed and engaging setting.

So grab your favorite cup of coffee and join us for an evening filled with networking and meaningful conversations about how we bring our coaching greatness to French-speaking clients.

During this virtual coffee chat, you will have the opportunity to connect with fellow coaches from diverse backgrounds, exchange ideas about integrating tools, and learn from each other's experiences. Whether you are an established coach or just starting your coaching journey, this event promises valuable insights, support, and potential collaborations.

Event Highlights

  • Introductions and Icebreakers: Start the session by introducing yourself and engaging in icebreaker activities designed to foster connections and create a friendly atmosphere.

  • Small Group Discussions: Join breakout rooms to engage in focused discussions on specific coaching topics. Share your expertise, ask questions, and learn from the perspectives of other coaches.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow coaches during dedicated networking sessions. Expand your professional network, forge new collaborations, and potentially discover new coaching opportunities.

  • Q&A Session: Have your burning questions answered during a live Q&A session with our hosts and other experienced coaches in attendance.

The goal is to create a community of coaches supporting each other; whether you are looking to integrate existing tools into a French version or just want to have the ability to discuss ideas with other coaches, we would love to have you join our group and help bring a bit of diversity to our networking offerings.

Reserve your spot today!

For any event-related inquiries, please contact Immaculée Verrier -

CoachCafes are member-hosted monthly meetings for the purpose of community building and networking for ICF NYC members.  These are opportunities for members to share with and learn from one another in support of professional growth. 

Meet Your Coach 

Immaculée Verrier MA, ACC, CMT-P, RYS

As an international life coach my role is to help individuals rise toward their goals—to find the courage to triumph and to believe in the magic that is life. I grew up in a religious Convent with a community of priests, monks, and religious sisters, where I developed a profound respect for the laws of spirituality. My educational background includes an MA in Psychology, a certified mindfulness teacher (CMT-P) and credential from the International Coaching Federation (ACC). I am passionate about human transformation and the science of the mind. My research in personal growth offers a whole-person approach to transpersonal psychology that includes learning and expanding the self for developing greater capacity to create new possibilities—paying particular attention to the human experiences associated with healing, while integrating the mind, body, and the felt connection with the interconnected, and evolving world. I am fluent in three languages: French, English and Spanish, assisting in making authentic connections with native speakers—making the world a better place.


ICF NYC is not responsible for and does not endorse any information shared or opinions expressed. In all instances, attendees are expected to abide by the ICF Code of Ethics with regards to their behavior, how they comport themselves, disclosure of any business interests in what they share or promote, and how they work with clients. In all matters concerning business decisions, members are reminded to consult with their own legal, financial or other advisors for guidance to their own particular needs and situations. ICF NYC is not liable for risks, issues or costs associated with using or acting upon any of the information provided at CoachCafes meetings

This is a member-only event and member registration is complimentary.

ICF NYC Virtual Event Notice

ICF NYC meetings are rarely recorded and when they are, they are only recorded with both disclosure by the host and acceptance by participants. All other events, by default, are confidential.

Any form of recording NOT initiated by the host (including but not limited to video, audio, or chat recording, including transcription) is not permissible. The meeting host reserves the right to remove any participant (person or technology) that fails to comply with the policy. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of every participant to know what technologies (including zoom and browser plugins) that they have installed on their device and if they have the potential to violate this policy.

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