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Demystifying the Road to ACC and PCC

  • June 14, 2022
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


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Demystifying the Road to ACC and PCC

 Two-Part Series on Advancing Your ICF Credentials 

We invite you to join us for a 2-part series to deepen your understanding of the skills and behaviors that differentiate ICF ACC / PCC Credentialed Coaches and MCC Credentialed Coaches. 

Our first session on June 14th unpacks the credentialing process and what it takes to become an ACC and PCC Credentialed Coach.

In this session, you will gain tips, tools, techniques, and templates for supporting you on the road to ICF ACC and PCC Credentialing. This interactive workshop will help coaches take their ICF credentials to the next level. For participants who are considering the ICF credentialing process for the first time, this session will also provide informative guidance on the ICF Core Competencies and live demonstrations of the different levels of coaching in action. 

Summary Details

When: June 14th, 2022


  • Coach Sophia Casey, MCC, Founder, and Chief Learning Officer, International Coaching & Leadership Institute (ICLI) 

Moderator: Erica Marie Wigley, ACC, Founder, Rise 360 Coaching & Consulting

Format: Virtual - Zoom Meeting, cameras will be enabled

CCEUs:1.5 (1.5 core competency,) 

Who is this event for:  Coaches, coaching students, coach training faculty, mentor coaches, and people generally curious about and are considering coach credentialing. 

The Event

Purpose: Facilitate discussion, introduce the ICF Core Competencies, and provide coaching demonstrations, to support coaches in recognizing the difference between ACC and PCC levels. 

Objective: Coach Sophia will also take participants through mini-coaching demonstrations highlighting best practices for demonstration of the core competencies at the three credential levels.  In Part 1 of this interactive workshop, Coach Sophia will provide an in-depth dive into the biggest differences between coaching at the ACC and PCC levels.  

Learning elements:

  • Learn details about the first two ICF credential levels, ACC, and PCC, and the high-level requirements for core competency demonstration at each level. 

  • Explore key behaviors and skills for demonstration of the core competencies. 

  • Gain awareness of the value of mentor coaching as a support structure for strengthening core competency skills. 

  • Receive hands-on, interactive, and fun opportunities to experience practice coaching techniques. 

  • Receive templates useful for creating an action plan to identify gaps in core competency skill demonstration. 

Outcomes: By the end of the session, attendees will have learned essential practices for ACC and PCC Credentialed Coaches and gain the knowledge, tools, and resources to further build ICF Core Competencies as well as tips for pursuing ICF Credentials.


Meet our speakers

Coach Casey, MCC

ICLI (International Coaching Leadership Institute)

Founder and Chief Learning Officer



As a Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Sophia is an avid advocate for coaches to have strong coaching skills, become ICF credentialed, and have businesses that work. 

Sophia is also a bestselling author committed to women’s global empowerment as evidenced by her novel, Fierce Vulnerability: A Colored Girl’s Truths, Trials, and Triumphs debuting as Amazon’s number one new release for Dramas and Plays by Women, and the popular Ease & Flow Journal: A 31-Day Journal to Get Clear, Connected, and Courageous About Life. Her work has been highlighted on Fox News, NBC, CBS, and Success magazine. Sophia's stories of hope, leadership, and healing leave a distinct mark on the hearts and minds of others that cannot easily be erased.

Sophia Casey does so much more than support individual and corporate clients with problem-solving. She helps leaders of all caliber get transformative results that catapult their organizations. She is applauded as a thought leader in the coaching industry and has mentored, trained, and coached thousands of executives, leadership, career, and life coaches. 


Erica Wigley, ACC  

Rise 360 Coaching & Consulting 

Founder and CVO 

Erica Marie Wigley is an ICF certified coach, Chopra Center certified meditation instructor, speaker coach, and storyteller. Erica serves her clients at the highest capacity through her business, Rise 360 Coaching & Consulting. Her business love language has helped clients become powerful speakers in their businesses, create brand messaging alignment, and master the power of mind-language-body alignment through meditation. Erica says: “We either speak from a place of conviction or constriction, a place of expansion or contraction. When you learn how to connect with the heart of what you sell, your storytelling will flow through us as a verbal and visual demonstration of what your business provides, why you provide it, and who you provide it for.” Brand loyalty is built on this foundation of customers seeing and feeling themselves through your story. 



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