Assessments Fair

  • September 14, 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


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What assessments are your colleagues using in their coaching practices? The semi-annual ICF NYC Assessments event provides an opportunity to learn from chapter members about some of their favored assessments -- how the assessment works, how it is incorporated into the coaching work, where and with whom they are used, and more. 

Summary Details

When: September 14, 2021, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Format:  Virtual - Zoom Meeting format (video can be on)


Who is this event for: Experienced and new coaches that want to continue to learn about assessments to find out which may be appropriate for different situations.

The Event

Assessments are one of the foundational tools in coaching and there are a myriad in the marketplace. Particularly for those new to coaching, understanding the uses of specific assessments and differences between the different tools can be a lot to navigate. And, for experienced coaches, there is always an interest in expanding our toolkits. At the same time, assessments can be costly, particularly where certification for use may be required, so having more familiarity with options in the marketplace can help prioritize your learning and investment objectives. The 2021 Assessments Fair will give you a deep knowledge of 3 very powerful assessment tools in use today.  Come learn how these assessments can support your coaching engagements!

Note on the presentations:  This event is being presented by ICF Members, not the assessment company representatives. None of the presenters are representatives of or have any business interests in the assessment they are sharing.  We asked members what assessments they are using and which they wanted to learn about. Our presenters volunteered to share their authentic perspective on the assessments that they like to use.   This gives participants a “real world” view of how hired coaches are using these assessments and what value the assessments results bring to their clients. Inclusion of the assessments in the program does not represent an endorsement by ICF NYC. Assessments to be presented include: 

Values In Action (VIA) presented by Jane Maloney 

VIA Survey is a scientifically validated tool for identifying an individual’s unique character strengths profile.  The survey is built upon the VIA Classification of Character Strengths and Virtues (Peterson & Seligman, 2004) that identified 24 positive traits that live in all human beings to different degrees.  This tool is appropriate for any coaching goals that require self-awareness to build resilience, manage stress or achieve greater fulfillment as well as coaching goals that require the ability to spot strengths in others to build motivation and create a more inspiring work environment. 

The VIA Survey of Character Strengths takes less than 15 minutes and provides a wealth of information to help you understand your best qualities. Character strengths are the positive parts of your personality that make you feel authentic and engaged. You possess all 24 character strengths in different degrees, giving you a unique character strengths profile.  VIA Reports provide personalized, in-depth analysis of your results, including actionable tips to apply your strengths to find greater well-being.

 LIFO presented by Tanea Flanders

LIFO starts with learning your individual style preferences and those of others. Then, enormous productivity improvements can be realized using common language to communicate with people in the style that they wish to be communicated to.

This approach leads to understanding the differences in how people work, how they receive information, and how they deliver information. Our goal is to get teams talking, providing feedback to each other, and working to understand their behavioral styles in order to capitalize not only on their own strengths, but also on the strengths of those around them. LIFO® is a unique approach and sustainable in organizations.

LIFO® - Life Orientation's unique approach identifies each person's strengths and styles. THE LIFO® METHOD is a means for understanding and working well with people. It helps us discover our strengths and how much we use each of the four basic behavioral styles. It does not label people or put them in a box. Each one of us is a unique combination of all four styles. 

We are not one thing or another. We are one thing AND another.

Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessment presented by Adam Mirabella

Genos International specializes in the assessment and development of emotional intelligence in the workplace.  The Genos Emotional Intelligence suite of tools help leaders enhance how they connect, communicate and collaborate with others.

Genos has won the Training Industry Top 20 Assessment and Evaluation for the past 4 years running (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020).  Companies that have used Genos Emotional Intelligence include J&J, Novartis, Amazon, Dell, Allianz, among others.

In this presentation, you will see what makes up the core components of Emotional Intelligence and get a view into how this tool helps leaders understand how their behaviors are being received by others.  It then guides the leader in the best adjustments to make to maximize their connection with the people they lead and interact with. 

Meet our presenters

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Jane Maloney, MA, MCC
Interaction, Inc.

  • Website:

  • LinkedIn:  

Jane Maloney, MA (Organizational Psychology Teacher’s College Columbia University), MCC,  Team Coach (ITCA), founded Interaction, Inc. (talent development provider) over 20 years ago and has since trained and coached executives, team leaders and teams, primarily in very large organizations, in the “Big Four”, financial, legal, architecture, telecommunication industries.  She is certified to use the MBTI, Hogan Assessments and Mindex. She is an experienced user of the VIA Survey, FIRO-B (Interpersonal Relations), TKI (Conflict Modes), and the Watson-Glaser (Critical Thinking).

Tanea Flanders, PCC, MA 
Design You Coaching
Founder | Coach | Facilitator  

Tanea Flanders, is the new Executive Vice President of Global Learning & Leadership Development for Mediabrands and has held a private coaching practice, Design You Coaching (TM) offering leadership coaching and organizational development. She is a certified LIFO (Life Orientations) practitioner and provides coaching and facilitated LIFO workshops to support executive, leadership and life coaching for individuals and teams. 

Adam Mirabella, PCC
Mirabella Leadership Advisors

Founder & Executive Coach

Adam specializes in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Creating a “Winning Culture” and Career Transition.  He works with industry leaders to strengthen leadership and communication skills. He is especially skilled in working with leaders to understand and build their capabilities in the areas of emotional intelligence, team dynamics and powerful communication.  Adam has a style that resonates with leaders at all management levels, successfully helping them portray their leadership vision and improve their business results as well as their professional life.

Adam’s coaching is grounded in his 25 year background working in a variety of business leadership roles. His experience ranges from starting new digital businesses for Fortune 50 Companies, to forming and overseeing global tech & media teams as large as 120 people in 40 countries around the world.  The companies Adam has held leadership roles in include Time Warner, Sony, Nokia, Omnicom, Universal and Coca-Cola.


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