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Coach and Therapist in Conversation: Our Clients’ Mental Health and Our Capacity to Support It

  • May 12, 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


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A discussion on how we, as coaches, understand the space we can coach in, and when and how we should refer our client to a therapist.


Summary Details

When: May 12, 2021, 7:00 PM - 8:30PM

Presenters: Jeremy Robinson MCC, Michelle Tenzyk, PCC, Colette Brown, LMSW, and Lisa Arrigo, LCSW

Moderated by: Lauren Borden, MA, PhD

Format:  Virtual - Zoom Meeting, cameras will be enabled

CCEUs1.0 CC and 0.5 RD (1.5 Total)

Who is this event for: Coaches, therapists and anyone in a mental health related profession

The Event

As practitioners who often work with a ‘Whole Person” approach, we may at times enter into emotional territory with a client in which we feel that that client would benefit from the support of a therapist.  

  • What are the critical signs that indicate that a client is in need of mental health services and what is the right time and way to make a referral?   

  • How do we assess our own level of skill at coaching a client through an emotionally challenging event vs. knowing when we should refer out? 

  • How do we effectively and responsibility coach our clients through sadness, loss and grief?  

  • How do we, as coaches, determine the limitations of our skills? 

  • How do we become more aware of when our own stress levels and responses may be influencing our ability to assess or intervene in the best way possible for our clients?

This event will feature a panel of experts including:

  • Jeremy Robinson MCC, an Executive Coach, business advisor and author, and trained psychotherapist;

  • Michelle Tenzyk, PCC, who has made advocating for mental health a cornerstone of her life’s work and coaching practice and who has written and spoken about her personal journey;

  • Lisa Arrigo, a psychotherapist practicing for over 20 years, specializing in treating anxiety, trauma, depression, addiction and issues impacting LGBTQ individuals and their families;

  • Colette Brown, who specializes in psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families; parenting; relationships; aging; stressors stemming from cultural identity; life and role transitions; anxiety, depression, and self-esteem.

  • The panel is moderated by Dr. Lauren Borden, MA, PhD, principal of Lauren Borden Coaching.

Event Agenda

 7:00 to 7:05 PM  |  Welcome and Opening Remarks 

7:05 to 7:55 PM  |  Discussion highlighting the considerations, skills, boundaries and options we have as coaches in supporting the mental health of our clients.  

7:55 to 8:15 PM  | Tools

8:15 to 8:30 PM  |  Debrief, Q&A and Request for Input




Lauren Borden MA, PhD: 

Mindset & Performance Coach



As an executive coach and doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with over ten years of experience in leadership development, Dr. Lauren Borden, MA, PhD, supports her clients in leveraging their gifts to step into their unique leadership style, and expand their impact. 

In addition to her private practice, Lauren is a co-founder of JBL Consulting, a company dedicated to promoting DEI and allyship in corporate settings. She is also a mindfulness and meditation teacher who specializes in teaching meditation as a leadership, personal growth, and stress management tool. 

Lauren has had the privilege of coaching and training professionals within Fortune 10 companies across technology, retail, medical, and finance industries to help them use organizational psychology to develop strategy and strengthen their workforce. Additionally, she is a coach trainer and teacher who specializes in training up-and-coming coaches early in their career. She has authored publications and conference presentations exploring leadership development, mindfulness and meditation, feedback, and training, including articles and chapters in The Journal of Business Psychology, Teaching Psychology, The Oxford Handbook of Justice in the Workplace, and The Handbook of industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology.

Jeremy Robinson, MCC, MSW

CEO Coach & Pioneer Executive Coach.

Jeremy is President of Robinson Capital Corp. where he’s been coaching CEOs and Executive Team members the past 12 years. He’s provided executive coaching to leaders since the early days of executive coaching more than 30 + years ago.  Overlapping that time, he was a psychotherapist based on the Upper West Side.  He had a large private practice working with people who were “worried well.”  Currently, he’s Faculty & Fellow, Zicklin Leadership Initiative at Baruch College. He’s a co-founder and Faculty of iCoachNewYork, now in its 18th year.  He was Co-Academic Director of Executive Coaching Program at the Aresty Institute of Executive Education at Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania.


Jeremy is co-author of Becoming An Exceptional Executive Coach. His chapter “Executive Coaching” was published in 2019 in Professional Coaching Principles and Practice by Springer.   Jeremy is best known for using an emotional intelligence approach to help Clients self-reflect and change.  He’s fortunate to have a long Client list- from major corps to start-ups. During the pandemic, he’s been concentrating on playful, empathic, innovative approaches to growth in order to reduce paralyzing cortisol running his through Clients’ brains.

Michelle Tenzyk, PCC: 

Founder & CEO, East Tenth Group, Inc



As CEO of East Tenth Group, Michelle Tenzyk leverages her 25 years in business to bring insight, perspective, and experience to all aspects of leadership and business strategy. In her work with CEOs and senior executives, Michelle is known for her no-nonsense, direct approach which gets right to the core of a leader’s issues. As many executives say, she does not waste their time – we get down to the “business of business” and solve the most pressing issues. Michelle finds the complexities of today’s environment, that being thoughtful, deeply insightful and forthright is necessary to elevate top leaders’ games to gain the competitive edge for tomorrow. 

Michelle has served on the leadership teams of companies including Lehman Brothers, Primedia, Cendant Trip Network, and Healthcare Consultancy Group (an Omnicom Agency). Michelle received her MBA in HR Management and Systems from the University of Albany and earned her Executive Coaching Certificate at City University of New York’s Zicklin School of Business. She holds a BS in Music Education/Piano from the College of St. Rose where she is a distinguished prominent alumna. She earned her Certificate in Entrepreneurship from the Goldman Sachs 10k Small Business Program. Michelle currently serves as a Director for the Board of dancker and The Stability Network. She is a Core Guide for Chief.



Lisa Arrigo, LCSW

Owner, Lisa Arrigo LCSW




Lisa Arrigo is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in full time private practice, with offices in Westchester County and New York City.  Her areas of specialty include the treatment of trauma (PTSD and Complex Trauma, addiction, anxiety and depression. Her advanced training in mind/body based approaches  such as sensorimotor psychotherapy and EMDR have broadened her understanding of trauma treatment and how best to partner with clients on their healing journeys. 

Lisa also works with clients who identify as LGBTQ and is passionate about helping them address the complexities of issues unique to each individual.  Every day she is both humbled and inspired by her clients, who remind her of the strength of resiliency of the human spirit, our capacity for growth, transformation, and living more authentically within ourselves and in relationships.

Lisa maintains ongoing relationships with local organizations that service survivors of domestic violence and their families.  She is often asked to offer clinical support and education to front line staff  so that they may better understand the effects of vicarious trauma and its impact on their daily lives. This work has been personally and professional enriching, as we all need  to feel connected to others in order to live and learn.                                                                                 




Colette I. Brown, MA, MA Ed., LMSW


Colette specializes in psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families; parenting; relationships; aging; stressors stemming from cultural identity; life and role transitions; anxiety, depression, and self-esteem. Works with adults and teenagers.

Colette’s life experience has given her insight into couples and families navigating careers, parenting, educational systems and the unique stressors of living in New York City. For 15 years, she was a teacher working in NYC’s specialized high schools and that experience informed her understanding of how our intersectional identities influence how comfortably we move in our world today. Her personal experience informs what she brings to the therapy room, which is a foundational belief that personal, cultural and societal narratives can influence, adversely or positively, who we are and what we believe we can achieve.

She uses an eclectic approach to counseling including psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, narrative, systemic, critical race theory and psychoanalytic theory. She adapts play therapy techniques to help people navigate life’s provocations. Also, as an avid gamer, she uses her knowledge of “Geek Culture” as a mindset and model for integrating positive applications of video and tabletop games, RPGs and other staples of “Geek” life.

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