Ethics in Coaching and at ICF

  • June 18, 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
  • Virtual


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Ethical standards are an integral aspect of an ICF coaching credential and coaching ethics are taken very seriously.  In 2020, the ICF Code of Ethics was updated. Join us to learn more about ethics both within the ICF Global organization and within your coaching practice. 

Summary Details

When: June 18, 2020, 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Speaker:  George Nuthu, PCC

Format:  Virtual 

CCEUs: 1.25 CC 

Who is this event for: All coaches, and in particular, those renewing their ICF credentials who need to fulfill the ethics requirement and want a more interactive learning option. 

The Event

The event will dive into why ethics are particularly important to the coaching profession and provide an overview of ethics at ICF Global. This includes the Ethics Community of Practice, Ethical Conduct Review Process, and Independent Review Board (IRB).  The role of each as well as how ethical complaints are handled at ICF will be reviewed.  Changes to the updated ICF Code of Ethics as of 2020 will be highlighted to ensure that you know the latest and how they pertain to your coaching practice. And finally, common ethical dilemmas will be explored -- those faced by coaches as well as the types of complaints handled by the ICF Ethical Review Process. 

Attendees will have an opportunity to share their own questions on specific ethical scenarios or more general queries about ethics at ICF. 


Meet our speaker

George Nuthu

B&G Consultants Limited

Leadership Coachultant (Coach & Consultant)



George M. Nuthu is a Leadership Coach and Consultant (Coachultant) whose mission is to inspire and influence leaders to discover their potential, draw out their passion, develop their proficiency and demonstrate high performance so that their teams drive up productivity and their organizations deliver profitability. He believes that each leader is whole, creative and resourceful and only needs to partner with a trusted advisor or confidant in a thought-provoking process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. 

As a Leadership Development Professional, George brings a wealth of experience of over ten years of working with close to 2500 leaders in local and international organizations from East, West and South Africa, South-East Asia and the Middle East. He is also Coach Trainer and Mentor Coach plus a Certified Professional Analyst in Behavior, EQ and Driving Forces. George has been a practicing lawyer and church minister, professions that have made him understand the intrigues and dynamics of human behavior.

In the ICF community, George is the Global Chair of the inaugural Dispute Resolution Panel, the Co-Leader of the Ethics Community of Practice and served as a member of the ICF Code Of Ethics Review Team. Locally in the ICF Kenya Chapter, he has served as the Chair of the Nomination Board, Project Leader of the Ignite Project, Member of the Education Board.

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