Todd Nicholls

Todd is a CIO-level business leader and information technology executive. He is a strategic thinker and business partner with diversified experience in operations, technology, and management functions. His leadership style fosters an environment of trust, empowerment, and accountability. Todd draws from his 30+ years’ experience in numerous industries including banking, retail, fashion/apparel, and technology. He has held various internal corporate roles and has been an entrepreneur. His coaching clients come from a variety of industries and backgrounds. The common trait among them: a learning mindset and an eagerness to grow and develop themselves in pursuit of greater success and satisfaction in all aspects of life. Increased focus and productivity, developing a dynamic leadership style, deepening emotional intelligence, pursuing career advancement, and establishing executive presence are just some of the areas in which he supports his clients.

Todd’s goal is to help his clients achieve success however they define it. His style is honest, direct, insightful and willing to challenge on occasion. Todd also leads with empathy, active listening and the personalized attention that every client deserves.

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