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Keith Mason


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Keith holds Advanced Certified Personal and Executive Coach (ACPEC) and Certified Professional Coach (CPC) certifications and has served in senior executive level and corporate officer roles for over twenty years, leading global teams across multiple industries.

Keith has significant merger and acquisition experience, leading across multiple types of ownership structure changes including private to public, private to private equity, private equity to public, and public to public transactions. Experience in both hyper-growth and high growth organizations from late-stage startups to multi-billion dollar Fortune 200 businesses, he has garnered a reputation as an engaged, thoughtful, strategically focused servant leader who creates value through integrity-based relationships built on trust ~~ and results that accelerate the successful execution of company strategy. He is known as a business leader first, human resources executive second and above all other titles, a fellow coworker serving a broader purpose to make a positive difference.

Keith has been invited to speak throughout his career on a variety of leadership topics. He holds degrees in Psychology and Marketing from the University of Colorado-Denver. A graduate of the Stanford University Human Resource Executive Program and an alum of the invitation-only Chief Human Resource Officer Academy hosted by the National Academy of Human Resources (NAHR). Keith holds ACPEC and CPC certifications through the College of Executive Coaching. He is a former Denver Broncos NFL Man of the Year Scholarship recipient. Keith lives along the riverbanks of the Hudson River in the Greater New York City area.

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