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Sofia Adler


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Masters Degree, Clinical Psychology + Education with 100+ coach-specific training hours
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May 01, 2019
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Following a massive, unexpected change in her life, Sofia found herself in a time of transition without any idea of who she now was and how to get herself through this period of her life. No one’s advice really rang true; hearing the ways in which other people dealt with change didn’t help as much as she had hoped. Her desire to find something -- anything, really -- to make herself feel better and discover a way forward that felt right for her led her to become a yoga teacher, start meditating and embark on a larger personal growth journey.

She’ll never forget the jolt of electricity that ran through her when she heard her yoga philosophy teacher say that “we are not our minds”. This marked a profound shift in how she viewed her life: It’s not the events itself that matter– it’s our thoughts and the way we perceive what happens that hold value and have all the power. She suddenly realized that if she focused on her thoughts and overall mindset, her circumstances could and would change.

This seemingly simple yet profound shift in perspective inspired Sofia to learn as much about the mind as she could, which ultimately guided her to get a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and Education with a concentration in Mind Body Practice and a Coaching emphasis. She felt called to understand the mind from as many disciplines as possible – especially psychology, the most widely recognized and in many ways respected modalities.

The real learning for Sofia occurred however when she realized that paying attention to her thoughts allowed her to get to know herself better and become more clear on her values, needs and desires. She learned firsthand that the best way to navigate challenging times of change and transition in life is to do so in a way that feels authentic and right for you. The secret to this easier said than done approach? Mindset work.

Today, Sofia is a Mindset and Leadership Coach for individuals who are looking to find clarity and navigate change or transitions in life without sacrificing their truth. She helps her clients tap into who they really are, what they really want and avoid the plentiful advice and “shoulds” we all face on a daily basis to get clear on their best way forward.

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