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David Matthew Prior


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David Matthew
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Saddle River
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October 22, 2001
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David Matthew Prior, MCC, BCC (New York, USA)

Today’s leaders are faced with the exponential challenges of holding the paradox of their personal ambitions and the pressure to constantly improve performance. Exceptional performance for individuals and teams can be attributed to a single, transformative and regenerative element: Integrity.

Leadership in concert with integrity is a way of simultaneously holding an authentic public and private stance in work and in life; where the two meet is where the integral leader lives. It is this space that leaders and their teams inhabit that requires truth-telling, safety, structure, and communication mastery. Knowing that language is the vehicle for meaningful communication, I place a strong emphasis on artful and effective linguistics. My work guides leaders into their natural state of integrity between their beliefs and behaviors.

My approach to coaching and leadership development applies my 20+ years of coaching, finance, ethics training and theatre performance so that leaders and their teams perform with integrity. I’ve had the honor to structure and teach the leadership coaching program at Columbia University, guide and coach more than 1,000 executives in more than 30 countries, train more than 5,000 executive coaches and create results for more than 100 organizations. My multi-lingual (English, Spanish, French) skillset benefits my global client roster and is applied to the nuances that exist within varied cultural landscapes.

Performance with integrity creates teams and individuals that:

• Work within a designed structure that maximizes engagement and performance
• Have a safe space for truth telling that creates interpersonal and intrapersonal transparency
• Leverage the power of language as a threshold for mastery in communication.
• Openly discuss issues and roadblocks
• Have the improvisational skills to build agile leadership abilities
• Are aligned in their most deeply held beliefs

I look forward to learning about your organization and team. Let’s talk.

David Matthew Prior, MCC, BCC
Web: www.getacoach.com
Email: david@getacoach.com
Office: +1-201-825-2082
Mobile: +1-201-675-7527

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