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Committee: Membership Engagement

What we do: As Membership Engagement committee members, we nurture and strengthen the connection within our community in the ICF NYC Chapter. Our committee is an essential part of coming up with ideas and implementing actions for member engagement for sustained growth. We make sure our members feel welcomed, as well as informing them about the benefits of being an ICF member in our community.

Why this is important: ICF is not just a logo – our member coaches are the lifeblood of our organization. We reinforce the fact that ICF members represent the highest quality of professional coaching. It’s incredibly important that our organization is a living and breathing community with member involvement and engagement. And all of our projects are worth investing their time and energy. By joining our committee or becoming a Membership Ambassador, you can play a vital role in influencing how our community is shaped to ensure the continued growth of our Chapter.

How you can help:

We operate on two levels – Membership Engagement committee members and Membership Ambassadors. Committee members are asked for continuous commitment to contribute a few hours of their time monthly, and Membership Ambassadors can volunteer either on a project or ad-hoc basis or consistently. Here are some of the responsibilities:

Membership Engagement Committee Members

  • Attend monthly committee calls and come up with ideas and implement actions for member community engagement and reinvigoration
  • Communicate the value and raise awareness of ICF and our NYC chapter
  • Welcome new members by reaching out to them as well as attending New Member Onboarding calls
  • Reach out to members during the annual membership renewal season

Membership Ambassadors

  • Help make members feel comfortable at in-person events
  • Interact with members on ICF NYC social media sites 
  • Support during the annual membership renewal season

If you enjoy connecting with new people to help nurture our community, joining the Membership Committee would be a great idea for you. It's an excellent opportunity for you to expand your network and deepen your interpersonal communication skills.

 "I am a solopreneur and do virtually all of my coaching online; it can be lonely at times. Volunteering on the Membership Engagement Committee for ICF New York City helped me to address a major challenge that I was facing. How do I avoid being isolated and create a community of peers to ensure that I routinely interact with, and learn from, other coaches? Over the past two years I have had the opportunity to help shape the way in which we onboard new Chapter members; to work with our Chapter President; to personally talk with close to a hundred coaches as they joined our Chapter; and to form a community of coaches that I can call on and refer others to as appropriate. And I’ve been able to do so in a way that fits my schedule!" – Brian Gorman

Contact Rei Perovic, Director of Membership Engagement: membership@icfnycchapter.org

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