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The Community Calendar is a platform to share non-ICF coaching-relevant events with the ICF NYC community.

Listing Details:

The event will be listed by date, and include the Name of Event, Event Organizer & Logo, Event Price, three-line description of the event and a weblink to the event.


To be eligible for inclusion, a submission to the Community Calendar must be specific to the coaching industry, and must be for an event, series or program. Product sales and non-coaching specific events are ineligible.

Listing Fees:

Listing fees are scaled in accordance with the ticket price for listed events. Fees are priced on a monthly basis. ICF NYC members receive a 20% discount* to list events.

Event Ticket Price

Monthly Price to Advertise on Community Calendar

Member Pricing (20% Discount)*

  • $0 - $50
  • $30
  • $24
  • $50 < n ≤ $100
  • $75
  • $60
  • $100 < n ≤ $250
  • $100
  • $80
  • $250 < n ≤ $500
  • $150
  • $120
  • > $500
  • $200
  • $160

* Member pricing applies only to events put on by an individual or an entity that the members owns/controls. The member pricing does not extend to events put on by an organization where the member is an employee.

Instructions to Submit an Event Listing:

To list an event, email the following information to All listings should be sent in at least 5 days prior to the desired start date for the listing.

Event Lister Information:

Contact Name

Contact Email

Contact Phone Number

ICF Chapter Member Status [Yes or No]

Individual or Organization Name putting on the event

Profile of Individual or Organization [coach, HR organization, service provider, other]

Event Information for Listing:

Event Name

Format: live, virtual, other

Event Date

Event Price

Type of offering: single event, series, coach training, etc.

3- line description of opportunity, objectives

Weblink to event registration page

Logo. Logo format should be 468×60 pixels, 300 dpi, jpg or gif, animated gif format not exceeding 50kb.

Number of months to list event

Start date for listing


As a pilot project, and in line with our efforts to continually monitor and improve performance, we ask those listing events to provide us with post-listing feedback on their experience – number of people who checked out the event or ultimately registered as a result of the Community Calendar listing.

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