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Committee: Community Outreach

What we do: Committed to raise the profile of coaching in the community through volunteer service work and advocacy. Pro Bono coaching gives coaches the opportunity to contribute something meaningful while doing something we love to do—coach. Our talented coaches specialize in a variety of areas (e.g., leadership, career, life, transitions).

Why this is important: Our work promotes the coaching profession’s value and contribution and offers our coaches wonderful opportunities to serve our community, often with organizations and individuals who are not familiar with coaching and who may not be able to afford it.

How you can help:

Pro bono coaching opportunities:

    • NYCHA (NYC Housing Authority)
      • Coaching NYCHA residents who are enrolled in their educational programs.
      • Throughout the year.
      • Workshops educating residents on business skills.
    • The Alliance

    Testimonial: "Volunteering has been personally fulfilling to my humanitarian driver and affirming to why I pursued coaching.  Serving as a pro-bono coach enables me to bring the power of coaching to people who might not otherwise get the benefit from it in their lives." -Ben Colvin, CPCC, ACC

    "It's been a very good experience creating programs that have a true impact on our community.  The power of our practice is truly felt by those who have not had the chance to have a coach and to see see the tremendous turn around in the client  makes me know that the work we are doing not only is needed, but is wanted and embraced in the local community. I look forward to creating more robust and sustainable programs that the community can come to expect."- Angelo Moultair

    Contact: communityoutreach@icfnycchapter.org

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