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Breakfast and book club

About the ICF NYC Breakfast and Book Club

Book Selection

Books are selected based on member input and voting. The titles selected work to address a variety of topics that cut across ICF NYC's program themes and speak to the diverse needs and interests of the ICF NYC community. Books are placed on the calendar months in advance to provide maximum calendar planning.

Book suggestions may be submitted to

Monthly Meetings

Meetings will be held consistently on the second Monday of each month at 8 AM New York time (except where may be otherwise indicated). Attendance at every meeting is not necessary. You may participate based upon your preference for the book. The intended purpose of this offering is to broaden and deepen our knowledge of current practices in the coaching profession and in the business world.

Please register early! If registration is low, or non-existent, for any specific book, we will revisit the selection and float a poll to the membership to select a replacement book. We therefore encourage participants to register early for meetings so that we may assess interest at an early stage.

Meeting Guidelines

  • Please be sure to read at least portions of the book so that meaning, intent and application may be discussed with depth.
  • As with any virtual call, please be prepared to have your video and audio on, with limited distraction. Turn off all notifications.
  • Come in your pajamas! We don’t care about how you look, only the intellectual contribution you bring.

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