Antoy Grant

I'm originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica, W.I., and grew up surrounded by nature and with an amazing extended family. From an early age, people I knew and didn't know seemed to gravitate towards me and felt comfortable sharing their problems. I learned early on how to be a great listener, find solutions, and only offer advice when asked. I also discovered my passion for helping others.

As a coach and speaker, I motivate people of all ages through my one-on-ones, group classes, online training, shows, films and videos, live performances, public speaking, appearances, events, workshops, seminars, and retreats. I have also conducted self-esteem and empowerment classes for many businesses, charities, cultural centers, public schools, conventions, and expos.

Over the past 20+ years, I have worked as an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, and strategist with a variety of lifestyle, beauty, fashion, retail, hospitality, and entertainment-related businesses. Working with these executives and teams in these various industries prepared me for just about anything and gave me a full arsenal of proven success tools!

In front of the camera, I've appeared in many films, commercials, music videos, and tv shows. I have hosted and performed at live events, conventions, conferences, and radio shows. I co-wrote, produced, and starred in the critically acclaimed Off-Off-Broadway show "Goddess City". Currently, I am the creator and host of "The Antoy Show". where I share information and tools people can use to quickly transform their lives and businesses.

Behind the camera, I am the Founder, CEO & CCO of Mangoseed Productions-Beverly Hills, and Mangoseed Entertainment-New York. I work as a creator, executive producer, director, writer, camera operator, editor, graphic designer, content creator, and filmmaker. I also help clients with image, branding, consulting, web design, marketing, development, film, video, music production, and licensing.

Recently, I launched "Mangoseed.TV" an online television network that creates and shares transformational content. I am a published author in the anthology book "Say Word! Voices From Hip Hop Theater". I enjoy writing empowering poetry, scripts, and books. I love creating inspiring videos, shows, music videos, and films. My newest film "Gurl Talk" premiered with rave reviews at festivals in LA, NY & ATL.

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